We are unparalleled in the craft of temptation and eternal punishment.


Eternity-Oriented Temporal Sentencing

Leveraging the power of torment based time-distortion©, we can implement suffering for terms of up to nine eternities, and beyond.


Building complex, multi-faceted, and long-lasting temptation and punishment systems with mortal entities is one of our specialties.

Results-Based Temptation Advertising

In the mortal realm, we use deeply researched and patented systems to ensure that temptation is omnipresent for any moral decisions.


With millenia of experience, our Soul Contractors maximize the returns on exchange of earthy powers and wealth for eternal damnation.

Management and H.R.

With one of the most comprehensive, robust management structures to be found anywhere in the celestial or infernal planes, we are able to leverage our nearly limitless resources to maximize returns on any investment.